Good For Who You Know Who The Brendan Hines

More known as Eli Loker in successful Fox’s show  » Lie To Me« , Brendan Hines released his debut album with his band as The Brendan Hines in 2007. This record is a subtle mixture between country and folk also called Americana a sort alternative country.

We are all going to fall in love with this Tom Waits with a more bitter lyrical style or an American Rufus Wainwright. Drinking too much, messing around with girls, feeling self-important is all the songs of Good for you know Who are about. This album portrays this disabused guy who spend  his whole time ( his whole life?)  drinking to death and inviting himself at the girls’ he met (Occasions, Guess What). Sometimes the LA based fellow is not such a moron and  shows feelings about…cities : Miss New York, one of the beautifuls songs of the album, a gloomy portait of both New York City and Los Angeles.

If i were you i’d miss me too

But I would’nt have to worry about missing you

We can easily imagine Hines writing humourous and sarcastic lyrics with his pen dancing upon this piece of paper at the bar in one hand, and a beer in the other. A very talented songwriter who doesn’t seem to care about the existence of rehab. Or maybe these songs are his therapy.

Listen to the album on Spotify


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